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YouPornList is a selection of the best porn sites sorted by categories. Each sites has been selected after a long and rigorous analysis of our hand job experts.

The best porn sites & porn lists sorted by quality in 2022!

  1. Many videos and photos
  2. Extreme content
  3. Focussed niches
  1. Too many ads
  2. Poor video quality
  3. Lot of shit


You want hard porn, but really hard, I think you should like Xrares. formerly is a porn site featuring ultra hard, dark videos, fake rapes, humiliations, false assaults, blackmail and lots of other shit of this kind. If you're a little disturbed in your head that should be enough, if not you should go to the therapist.

What is this crazy content?

Yes, we're not going to lie to each other, this site is not for normal guys who just want to jerk off to a classic porn video.
On Xrares, we have almost only hard/extreme porn but not in the sense of SM porn where we see guys whipping their girlfriend's asses before sodomizing them even if there is one anyway, here we have well trash porn, humiliation, incest videos, sexual assault, false rape, forced sex...
"But it's Xrapes, not Xrares your psychopath site!?! ", no, don't worry, most of the videos are staged, the girls who get fucked are perfectly consenting and play a role, well even if I told you that you have to be reassured, you still have to be a little weird to like this kind of porn, when you fantasize about rape, you have a little problem in your head...

Well, to talk in detail about the content, the site currently offers about 10,000 videos and a large part of them are exclusive to the site since the videos are put online, are put online by the site community, which is why you will find tons of shitty videos, in a disgusting quality and sometimes lasting 30 seconds or less.
A lot of videos come from Asian countries like India, Thailand, Malaysia...
There are many incest videos featuring an uncle fucking his niece, or a chick getting fucked and humiliated, or videos of forced fucking, fake rapes and also a lot of sex scandal videos. Fortunately for all videos normally, these are fake and staged videos.

To make our choice easier, the site proposes a tab with a list of 12 categories, we find the categories, anal, big tits, hairy, public, or even rare scandal which is by far the one that contains the most videos.

In addition to the videos, the site proposes a list of about 400 albums, each containing several photos, we have a little bit of everything, albums containing pictures of hot girls taking naked selfies, pictures of voyeurs, others of gang bang parties...
Well, often, the title has been modified to excite a little bit the sex-hungry virgins, like the incestuous photo galleries suggesting that they are members of the same family when in reality, it is often couples or friends who fuck each other or voyeur photo albums that contain pictures of pornstars on the beach.

I'm sick of the ads!

Even if the site contains a lot of videos of fake rapes, there is one that is real and it's the one of those fucking ads that gang bang us in force as soon as we arrive on the site!
They are disingenuous at Xrares with their ads embedded in the middle of the content, you think you click on a video and well no! It's a fucking commercial! In addition to that, you shouldn't forget the pop-ups and also the ad on the video where almost everyone will click on it and think they're clicking on the play button.

And the worst part of it all is that you can't even use an ad blocker, if you activate it, you can't see the video scroll bar.

A correct design

It's neither beautiful nor ugly, the design is very classic, the colors are not bad, we have a grey background, the home page displays first the most viewed videos of the site, followed by videos currently viewed and finally the last added videos.
The player works pretty well, except when you have activated the ad blocker, you can even choose the quality of the video, either in standard quality or HD... LOL, when you watch Rajesh's video shot with his old 240p phone from 2009, whether you put the video in HD or not it remains horrible. Almost all the videos on the site have a quality that does not exceed 480p.

A community and a premium account

Xrares gives you the opportunity to register on the site to be part of their community, this has some advantages, the first is to be able to comment on the videos you watch, the second is to be able to add to your favorites and create playlists of your favorite videos.
We can also subscribe to other users, so you can follow the new videos he posts and also make friends, which you need if you are the kind of people who sign up on Xrares.

Xrares also offers to become a premium member for only $5 per month.
For this price you would be lucky enough not to have any of these fucking ads anymore, in addition to that you will be able to watch videos posted privately by other users, ALL! No more need to ask friends to see them, the same for photo albums.
And finally you will also be able to download all the content on the site, both videos and photos.

My final opinion

If you're looking for extreme porn, you've come to the right place. Xrares has a large number of videos featuring fake rapes, humiliations and a lot of dark porn for free.
However, the quality of the site is not great and the videos are often of poor quality, despite the fact that they can be interesting for those who are looking for this kind of content and if you planned to come regularly to the site, you can take their premium subscription that will save you from going crazy with all the ads.
In short, you have understood it, if you are a big pervert sexually frustrated and that the usual porn no longer excites you, Xrares should succeed in making your dick hard without any problem!

Click to visit Xrares
Click to visit Xrares