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When you go to Nothingtoxic, you can see that you are dealing with a good porn site. Why? Because the homepage is both visually simple and rich in content. is an aggregator type site that gathers porn content from other porn sites.
It's kind of like or with the only difference that there, we don't find millions of videos coming from Youporn, Xvideos and company, but rather small porn sites a little bit more underground, with very hardcore, shocking, WTF porn content... We understand better why he called it Nothing Toxic.

On the homepage we find a minimalist design, we have of course the logo of the site, next to it the categories of the site and the most important is what we find in the center, the last added videos that we can also sort to have the trendy videos or the most popular ones, the whole on a black background that will not dazzle the eyes at night.
We won't forget the "Submit" button, to... send links of interesting videos that can be added and also a search function to find directly the porn content we want.
There is also a Webcams where you can find a lot of live webcams, but we won't lie, that's not why we are on Nothing Toxic.
We feel that the developer of the site has understood what to do, when we go on a porn site, we don't give a fuck that it is extremely complete, that there are tons of options, no, we want to find a good sex video and quickly jerk off!

As far as Nothing Toxic categories are concerned, we have a little more than 15, it's not a lot, but it's more than enough to find good hard content.
We find the classics like Amateur, Anal, Teens... But also other categories a little less popular such as WTF, outdoor, public, voyeur... For the souls fed with porn like me, this kind of category probably speaks to us much more than the first ones, we need good hard fucking to make us hard.

The content of

What you need to know with Nothing Toxic, is that as said above, nothing is stored on the site, all the porn content comes from outside, that's why when you click on a video, you are redirected to an external site, a bit like here at YouPornList, why bother creating content when I can steal... uh... highlight that of others.
Well, let's get back to the point, you know, the easiest way to talk about the videos on the site is to tell you about some scenes, so you can get an idea of the fucking hard videos you can find on

Let's take this video Hi mom, the video redirects on DaftPorn, no doubt it will send some heavy.
We find a girl being fucked by her guy who films her, when suddenly her smartphone rings, in view of the title, we guessed, it's her mother. Well for any normal person when this happens we stop fucking, but this is Nothing Toxic, nothing is normal anymore, the bitch answers the phone while she's getting fucked and then follows a normal conversation and a normal fuck... Yes yes, it's possible apparently... And the best part is that mister wants to release the sauce and not just anywhere because he makes a facial, of course she can't help but squeal a little at the moment of ejaculation while sucking his cock.
Fuck, that's a woman who knows how to please her man, while respecting his mother, well I think...

Another video Free Use For Anyone At The Beach, just by the title I already have a hard-on, the video starts with a woman lying on her belly on a beach towel, in front of the ocean sunbathing quietly, then comes three men, it doesn't take long for one of the guys to get on top of her and fuck her, the lucky one fucks her wildly and at the end he ejaculates on her ass and from the look of her smile she seems to have really enjoyed it and so do we, I have to say that fucking in public is really hot.

Do you want another one? I do!
The last video is called Trying Not To Get Caught or These Are Some Mindblowing Tits on the site that hosts the video, we see a woman with a mask filming herself on a webcam in what seems to be a business, she talks with a person behind her and at one point she pulls out her breasts and damn they are beautiful! Of course she tries to get them out as long as possible without getting caught and takes the opportunity to caress them, we probably meet a girl like that every day when we go to the bakery or to the store near our house...

Here are some examples of content that can be found on Nothing Toxic, extreme porn, shocking, voyeur, anal sex, sex in public whether it is at the beach, on a balcony in a park, or even in a cemetery, hence the expression "fuck your dead". There are also a lot of videos with good hard fucking where chicks are getting fucked by big dicks.

Conclusion of Nothing Toxic

I spent a few hours watching a lot of videos on and I'm very satisfied, my dick too. The site is simple, fast, the content is of good quality, well sorted, totally legal and accessible for free. We have several thousands of quality extreme porn videos with regular updates, enough to have fun regularly.
So yes, I recommend you Nothing Toxic, it's clearly an excellent site in the extreme hard porn.

Click to visit NothingToxic
Click to visit NothingToxic