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YouPornList is a selection of the best porn sites sorted by categories. Each sites has been selected after a long and rigorous analysis of our hand job experts.

The best porn sites & porn lists sorted by quality in 2022!

  1. A lot of hot women
  2. Good design and clear interface
  3. Excellent diffusion quality without lag
  1. Private shows are rapidly becoming expensive
  2. Not many shows really amateur


Live Cam Sex with a Random Stranger Today!

Chatting someone has been around ever since technology has found out how to communicate with people online. However, there are some thrill seekers out there who want to take it to the next level. That is by letting a system choose a random stranger they can chat with.

Using this premise, sites like Chat Roulette and Omegle emerged. Here, you can chat with someone anonymously and even share webcam videos. Unfortunately, both sites banned the use of promiscuous content, leaving seekers who are just in it for some good ol' dirty fun to find satisfaction elsewhere.

This site,, wants to fill in that gap that these famous chatting sites can't provide. Slut Roulette offers the same premise as Chat Roulette, except that it's the R-rated version.In this live cam site, you can find random women who can chat, flirt, and even strip for you if you ask them nicely - and if you tip them generously. They provide these services since the time they started in 2010.

Unlike other random chat sites like Chat Roulette, Slut Roulette ensures that you ONLY get to meet horny sluts (thus, the site name). You are assured that a random stranger's cock won't suddenly show up at your webcam view - they actually made a separate site for that. But that's another story.

How to Find the Right Sex Cam Girl

To start, you can visit their homepage where a random cam would choose a stranger that you can possibly chat with. You can choose which porn category you want to explore to narrow down the search, or you can let fate take its course by bringing the girl to you. Either way, you get to experience the thrill of meeting someone new and special who can give you a great porn experience.

Another way to decrease the chances of finding the wrong cam model is to register and log into the site. Once you do, you get to see a detailed description of all the horny sluts they have online. You can even refine the search filters and categories.

Choose through their best rated models, or you can take a look at the fresh blood - new cam models who are just starting out on the site. They might end up learning a thing or two from you.

Narrowing the search filters also help in managing your expectations when it comes to the sexual fantasies you would want her to try. Girls have the option to refuse ay act that they do not like to do. Thus, to increase the chances of seeing your sexual fantasy being brought to life, you have to choose your cam model carefully.

What if I don't Like Her?

If you end up not liking the girl that the live cam site paired you up with, you can always click the "Next" button and Slut Roulette will pair you up with the next available girl. Do remember, though, that the slut can also click "Next" if she doesn't like you, too, so think carefully before you click that button!

What we think, though, is you give each girl that comes your way, a try. Every cam model you can find in Slut Roulette is really good at their job, which is to satisfy men and make them come in any way imaginable. They can do anything that you ask, whether it includes putting dildos inside their anal cavities, lick and suck a lengthy sex toy, or even tease their pussies and squirt in front of the camera. Before clicking the "Next" button, at least give a girl a chance to show her sexual prowess. Who knows, you might end up liking redheads over brunette eventually.

Get in The Mood

After choosing the cam model of your wet dreams, you are now free to watch her show and view her gallery. You can also drop by and say hi to you if she so wishes. Some cam models have a microphone set up so they don't have to type responses while doing a sexual activity. But there are others who prefer typing personal notes and messages to their audience. You are free to choose which ones you like best!

Some models do their shows for free, but others do not. If you want to keep the show for your eyes only, you might have to pay up. Prices may depend on every cam performer. But don't worry - you will be informed of the ticket price before you proceed so you can bail before even going in. The site might also ask for some contributions if you want to view a performer's videos as well.

To let your performer know that you appreciate her performance, toss her some tips! Slut Roulette uses GOLD as currency. 1 GOLD is equal t 1 unit currency in the country where you reside. For example, in the US, 1 GOLD is 1 USD, while it is equivalent to 1 GBP in the UK, and so on.

Once the show is over, you can freely disconnect all you want and billing you for the show would immediately stop. Before leaving, though, we recommend that you leave a rating for the performer. That way, people would know if her performance is worth the time watching!

Go All The Way

Overall, Slut Roulette offers the perks of Chat Roulette with the assurance that you only get to meet hot, horny women who are down for any sexual fantasy you have in mind. If you want to spice up your porn experience or just want to add the thrill of meeting a random sexy stranger in your list of porn escapades, then give this live webcam site a try!

Click to visit SlutRoulette
Click to visit SlutRoulette