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YouPornList is a selection of the best porn sites sorted by categories. Each sites has been selected after a long and rigorous analysis of our hand job experts.

The best porn sites & porn lists sorted by quality in 2023!

  1. Lots of people, girls, boys, couples...
  2. Clean interface
  3. Advanced search to find the ideal partner
  4. Only private access
  1. Nothing


To Never Jerking Off Alone Again!

Sometimes, all we need to further spice up our porn experience is to take things to the next level or just try something new altogether. Live sex cam sites like Jerk Mate helps provide an alternative to porn lovers who are tired and bored of watching the same old videos on the same old porn sites. Why settle on porn videos that feature pornstars who do not even give a damn about you when you can have a cam model that is willing to submit to any porn fantasy you might have?

Live sex cams have been around since the possibility of meeting and interacting people from different parts of the world became possible. It wasn't long for horny geniuses to device ways on how they can meet other horny people without having to leave their home. This is the beauty of live sex cam sites - you don't have to step out of the house just to get sex.

What is Jerk Mate?

Jerk Mate is just one of the thousands of live sex cam sites that are found on the Internet today. They have been providing R-rated sex chat experiences for 12 years now, so they definitely know their stuff. Some pornstars and amateur cam models use this site as a platform to springboard their career in the adult film industry.

Their tagline, "Never jerk off alone again" stems from their dedication on helping people find a jerk partner - jerk "mate" - they can hang out with as they masturbate together in front of the camera. The cam models can either give detailed instructions as to how their visitors can make themselves cum hard, or they perform sexual acts that most of their viewers request to bring them close to the edge. Either way, the goal is to give both parties amazing, mind-blowing orgasms.

Finding your Ideal Jerk Mate

Once you visit the live webcam site, you will find a live cam window that features a random cam model that is currently offering a show. You can either let the random cam choose the model for you, or you can sign in using your Google account and pick out from their selection of cam models.

Jerk Mate has both pornstar and amateur cam models you can chat and watch. And every day, they welcome tens and hundreds of models in their platform. With this, you are sure to find the horny woman of your wet dreams.

If you don't like the best-rated ones and want new models that are eager to prove themselves, then check out the "New Models" tab on top of the page.

To further help you in finding your ideal jerk mate, you can tweak the search filters and choose based on any porn category you like. You can browse their selections based on age, physical appearance, age, race, and kinks they can offer. They have cam models that can serve men, women, and couples who would like to spice up their sex life.

Of course, they also have different porn niches that you can commonly find in other porn sites. Navigate on the familiar ones first so that you can get used on how the site works before branching out to uncharted territories.

Free Premium Experience

Unlike other live webcams, Jerk Mate offers their services for FREE! That's right, you don't have to whip out your credit card just to watch a live cam model strip her clothes off and perform sexual kinks for you. You are highly encouraged, though, to leave tips on every performance in the form of GOLD.

Jerk Mate uses GOLD as their currency. 1 GOLD is equivalent to 1 unit currency in your country. For example, if you are from EU, 1 GOLD would be equal to 1 euro. If you are from US, 1 GOLD is 1 US dollar, and so on.

Each cam model has a chat box in their pages so if you want to talk to her - or, even better, request for her to do something - you can utilize it. Do note, however, that not every cam model is obligated to perform anything you request. Remember, consent is still important. If you want to find someone who would do what you ask, you are free to choose other cam models that just might be willing to do it for you.

Although live chats are free to every visitor, private shows are not. If you want to talk to her privately (as in one-on-one), you might also have to pay up. The price varies depending on each cam model. Before you enter the private show, the site will show to you how much it would cost you to have one so you can bail and save your money even before you get in.


Jerk Mate is definitely a live cam site that both first-timers and veterans in the porn community should try. With their years of experience, premium services they offer for free, and their wide selection of horny and sexy cam babes, you will surely have a blast! Check out their website today and see this for yourselves.

Click to visit JerkMate
Click to visit JerkMate