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YouPornList is a selection of the best porn sites sorted by categories. Each sites has been selected after a long and rigorous analysis of our hand job experts.

The best porn sites & porn lists sorted by quality in 2023!

  1. 100% Free
  2. HD and full videos
  3. Nice design and fast
  4. Lots of functionalities, complete sorting system
  1. Too many ads
  2. No list of categories
  3. Few amateur content

Sxyprn (Yourporn) (before formerly is a porn tube that proposes a large number of complete porn videos, made by professional studios in high quality, available for free on a very well developed, complete and rapid website.

A nice design, simple and complete

When you arrive on the site, you immediately realize that you are dealing with a quality porn site, both in the creation of the site and in the content. The site adopts a dark theme, ideal for relaxing the eyes.
Another thing I love is the extract of the video broadcast when you move the mouse over the thumbnails, it allows you to know directly what the video is worth and it avoids clicking unnecessarily if it doesn't interest you, on top of that it's fast, you move the mouse over it and the extract starts immediately.

On the home page, we find directly what they call the Porn Wall, where we can see the hottest videos of the last 24 hours.

Below is the top 20 of the most popular pornstars on the site, with Lana Rhoades first followed by Riley Reid and Nicole Aniston.
When you click on it you are redirected to a page that lists all the videos of the actress present on the site and there are many of them, for example for Valentina Nappi there are more than 400 videos, for Abella Danger you have almost 400 videos too and as for all the videos on the site, they are complete scenes and no simple clip that we suggest to take a paid subscription at the end to see it in full.
In addition to the videos, you can access the pictures of the pornstars as well as the torrent link to download their scenes, useful when you want to make a small personal collection of porn videos of our favorite porn stars.

Below the top 20 actresses, we find the top 20 of what they call SubCat, it's simply the ranking of the most popular studios with in the top 3 Sis Loves Me, Girls Do Porn and Family Therapy, for each there are several hundred videos or even over a thousand for the most provided, for example the site has more than 1400 videos from the Jules Jordan Studio.

Below we find the 32 most popular hashtags, the site does not propose a list of predefined categories, instead they preferred to put these famous Hashtag. Most contain at least a thousand videos, the most popular is "anal", it offers more than 27,000 videos, teenager contains more than 10,000 videos.
Personally I would have preferred a list of classic categories as on almost all porn sites, especially since some of these hashtags on the home page are not categories but names of porn studios like #Dorcel or #mdh (MyDirtyHobby), there are even some that display almost identical content as with #FootJob and #FootFetish, it doesn't really matter, it's clearly a part of the site to be improved.

And finally at the very bottom of the site there is a small Pornstars link, which displays all the porn actresses sorted in alphabetical order on the site and there are a lot of them, just for the letter A there are more than 2000 of them, but you shouldn't expect to have lots of scenes for each actress, except the most famous porn stars who have several hundred videos each, many little known or older actresses you can not see videos at all...
But nothing prevents you from subscribing and adding videos of actresses not very well represented on the site.

Many functions and information

The site gives access to a lot of features to find videos as easily as possible, when you type a search, you have a relevant keyword suggestion and as well as videos that could match what you write, you can filter the result according to date, number of views, number of like.
Same for the rankings of the most viewed trend and video videos, we can filter by day, week, month or since the beginning, this kind of feature is really useful, it allows us to quickly find out which are the most popular videos of the moment or the most viewed videos that have been added recently.

If you create an account on the site which is totally free, you can bookmark your videos in your playlist, and even add them to your list to watch them later, so you'll already be ready for your next jerks.

Like all good porn sites, Sexy Porn gives us the opportunity to comment on the videos, most people don't give a shit, but it can be useful sometimes to find the name of an actress or to know that Robert 58 years old has a furious desire to fuck AJ Applegate.

In addition to the comments, we also have some information for each video, such as the name of the pornstar in the scene, for the majority of videos there is only one name displayed even when there are several famous actresses in the scene, which is too bad, we also have the video title, one or several tags and the name of the studio that shot the scene, this is the kind of data we find on most porn sites but it is always practical to access it for our research purposes.
We also have other data that may be useful for those who download videos, such as duration, bitrate resolution (sampling rate) and video size.

The many sections of SexyPorn

The site has a lot of tabs, some interesting, some not really useful, the first one is the live tab, by clicking on it you won't find hot girl's live cams, but on a streaming video of the site broadcast live, it doesn't do much good unless it excites you to know that there may be dozens of other people jerking off at the same time on this video.

Then, you have a "porn pics" tab that redirects you to the site which is a site of erotic and pornographic photos, it must belong to the same Network as SexyPorn considering the similar design. I went there and the pictures are very good overall.

The "torrent" tab, redirects to the site and I think you have understood, it is a torrent link site.
Visually the site is ugly, I had the impression I was returned in 1995, but the content is excellent, there are tons of porn to download, it's convenient if you want to download several pornos at the same time, rather than taking it one by one directly to SexyPorn.

The Porn Wall tab (not to be confused with the "porn wall" of the home page, which offers different content), offers a list of videos posted by users, with an functioning like Twitter.

Of course, we find the Trends tabs , Top Rated and Top Viewed. The first one shows us the list of the most popular keywords according to the number of times they have been searched and the number of results, currently the first one is Anal which has been searched more than 80 000 times and has more than 38 000 results, followed by Eva Lovia and Lesbian in third place, the ranking changes regularly according to the latest trends, it is useful enough to see what is currently popular and since there is no category list it is a good option.

For the Top Rated, Top Viewed tabs, as their names indicate, we have the ranking of the most popular and most viewed videos.
Finally the last tab which is not negligible, it's "orgasmic", it's a kind of top different from the previous ones, I didn't really understand how the content was chosen, but let's say that it's a selection of the videos that will make you want to jerk off the most, the top of the top!

And what does the content look like?

Simply excellent, SexyPorn offers several tens of thousands of videos, a large part of them seem complete, there are some videos that are less than 5 minutes long, but for the majority they are about 30-40 minutes, some even exceed 1h30.
The videos come from the biggest porn studios like Brazzers, Legal Porno, Perv Mom or Blacked...
And we don't only have 1 or 2 videos per studio, we have hundreds or even several thousand, for example we have more than 400 videos from Vixen, for Exploited College Girls we have about 350 scenes and for Girls Do Porn we have more than 1300 videos all accessible for free.

Well, we can imagine, for the site to display so much content from the world's biggest porn studios and free and to offer them for download, it is almost certain that they do not have image rights, which would explain the change of name of the site, the authorities had to block the domain name (which now redirects to and they have reopened under the name, it does not help remember the name of the site.
Just see what users write on the search engine to access the site, YourPornSexy, Your Porn Sexy, YouPorn Sexy, You Porn Sexy, You Porn Sexy, YourPorn Sexy... (No I don't do that for SEO :) )

It's fast, I like it!

What really impressed me about this site is that it is really fast, just click and Bim! The page is already loaded, same for the video player, you click to launch the video and it starts almost instantly (just after an ad that can be played after 5 seconds if you don't have an ad blocker), on top of that the quality is very good, we can't set the resolution, but for almost all videos it is in 720p.
And for the downloads, because yes we can download all the videos from the site for free, for that just click on the three small dots at the bottom right of the video and click "download" so that it starts instantly, in more that it is rather fast, I downloaded several videos to test, on average I was about 2Mb/s and if you prefer the torrent there is a link just below the video.

Ads, too many ads, I don't like it!

Oh fuck they take advantage of it, there are some everywhere, one on the left side, one on the bottom right style notification, in banner style at the top of the page, another at the bottom, a pop-up that opens when you click, an ad that launches at the beginning of videos... The site is full of ads, some do not pose too many problems like banners as long as you do not click on them, it's especially the pop-ups that piss you off!
And on mobile, it's the same thing, it ruins a little the navigation, which is really stupid because for everything else the site is really well done.

SexyPorn is excellent but not perfect

Sxyprn is a great porn site, it offers a large number of complete videos, in HD quality, produced by the biggest X studios in the world and all of this for free. In addition to that the site is very well done, it is fast, the pages load almost instantly, the videos launch as fast and you can download them, the mobile version is also excellent.
Good on the other hand everything is not perfect, the biggest negative point of the site is the ads, there are too many of them, it's what prevents a correct navigation, a category tab would have been a good thing also instead of their hashtag system, we will also regret the very few amateur porn, however if you only seek pro porn of very good quality it is clear you will be served, the site is full of porn stars scenes who get hard fucked!
In short, you have understood, this site it's heavy, now you only have one thing left to do, it's to go on and jerk off!

Click to visit Sxyprn (Yourporn)
Click to visit Sxyprn (Yourporn)