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YouPornList is a selection of the best porn sites sorted by categories. Each sites has been selected after a long and rigorous analysis of our hand job experts.

The best porn sites & porn lists sorted by quality in 2023!

  1. Real quality amateur porn
  2. HD quality
  3. Beautiful and very hot girls
  4. Correct price
  5. Become a model!
  1. Low content, but progressing


Personally, I'm a fan of amateur porn, I practically only watch that, but I must admit, often amateur videos are of shitty quality, badly filmed or too short... Fortunately, TrueAmateurs is here to save us, the site proposes real amateur porn well filmed, in HD quality and 4k, with ultra hot girls who really fuck, without simulating and without script.
Moreover, the content is exclusive to the site, what you see on, you will not see it anywhere else.

Real quality amateur porn

It's a huge! We can clearly see that we're dealing with a premium site, I've always preferred amateur porn to professional porn, because it's more authentic, there's no script, we don't have actors fucking but couples or lovers, they do it with passion, take real pleasure in doing it and don't simulate.

Quite often amateur porn scenes on most porn streaming sites are of low quality, although it is becoming more rare at this time with all smartphones that can film in HD, 4k... Or are poorly filmed because the device has no stabilizer or the video is too dark because it is recorded at night, not to mention those who film vertically with their fucking smartphones ! I hate these assholes!
Not to forget those who start filming themselves when they are already fucking, we miss half the scene, often exciting preliminaries...

This is where comes in, this site takes all the advantages of amateur porn and removes all the defects at the same time.
The site only offers porn in HD quality, full HD and 4k, no videos in poor quality, all the scenes are well recorded, we have a lot of scenes shot with fixed cameras but also POV which means Point Of View (shot in the first person) and personally I love it, I have the impression to be in the guy's place when I watch the videos.
For those with a modest connection, you can also view the videos in lower quality.
Moreover, the videos are complete, no videos cut in the middle that leave you disappointed.

Concerning the men and women of the videos, no actors or actresses, they are real couples, lovers or sexfriends who fuck, just the two of them, there is no team who films and produces the footage, no script, no simulation, only real sex, real orgasms...

Almost all the scenes are excellent, take "Gorgeous Chicks In Stockings Fuck With Double Dildo" with 2 amatrices, Kristina and SolaZola, in general I'm not a fan of lesbian porn, but there I couldn't help but watch the video where we see these 2 beautiful creatures eating their pussy, fucking each other, making an ass to ass... In addition they have other videos where they fuck their guy.
Or the video "Blonde Fucks On Couch" where you see a veryhot blonde with beautiful eyes getting fucked by her boyfriend on the sofa in the living room.

However, it seems that the site is not updated very frequently, there was a period when very few videos were added and currently we have about 1 to 5 videos added per week, which is correct and this seems to increase over time with the increase in the popularity of the site.

Hot and beautiful girls

It's impressive, they're all beautiful and really very hot.
True Amateurs only offers quality, so you will only find pretty girls who are between 18 and 29 years old, very hot, with dream bodies.
You will have the choice between babes with beautiful boobs, big tits, big asses perfect for anal and also many girls with a beautiful face who all look innocent and yet who are real bitches who love cock.
And for the guys who fuck them, it's the same, most guys are pretty muscular and almost all have big dicks with which the girls take great pleasure in sucking them in deep throats and taking them in their ass.

True Amateurs is recruiting

Anyone can try to propose their videos for the site, but they are very exigent in terms of quality, all videos must be recorded in an irreproachable way, in HD and complete.
You don't start the video in the middle of a blowjob, you start it with preliminaries, then fuck/anal and finally cum, in creampie or facial or anywhere else.
The models must also have an attractive look, if your wife is ugly or you are too old, too fat or have only one nut... You will have to use PornHub to post your sextape, but fortunately for you, you can still jerk off to the beautiful TrueAmateurs models.

If your selected video, you will be paid, well I don't know how much they pay, but it must be quite profitable and honestly what better way than to be paid to fuck?

An easy to use site with a nice design

Visually, the site looks like a lot of porn sites, it is very nice and clean, the background of the site is white which makes the vignettes stand out well, the possibility of switching to a black background would have been nice, it is more pleasant to rest the view in the evening.

Once connected to the home page, you will find several sections, the most popular girls, the latest videos added, the latest trend videos and finally the popular pictures.

When you move your mouse over one of the thumbnails of the videos, an extract is launched automatically, it's useful to have a preview of the video, moreover it's quite fast, the extract is launched almost instantly.

Concerning the video player, it is really good, the videos launch quickly and there is almost no lag, stop to load the video and the quality is perfect.

Of course to facilitate your searches, there is a page that lists all the models on the site, you can filter by last activity date, number of videos, popularity, alphabetical order, total number of views and by name.
You can also search by category, you will find the most popular ones like anal, big tits, creampie, redhead or voluptuous.

And the prices?

To be able to enjoy this great content, True Amateurs offers several types of subscriptions, the first one is a 2 days "test" subscription for only 1 dollar, it will allow you to take a tour of the site and see if you like the content, that's what's most likely.
The second is a 7 days subscription for only $4.99, you can also take a one-month subscription for $24.99.
Finally, the annual subscription will cost you $99.99, it is by far the most economic, it represents about 27 cents per day, evening just over $8 per month.
For payment methods, you can pay either by credit card, bank transfer, Paypal or prepaid card.

For those who want a real quality amateur

TrueAmateurs is a reference in high-end amateur porn, if you are looking for a porn site that proposes the amateur without all his usual flaws you are at the good place.
The site offers videos in very high quality, with only very beautiful hot amatrices who take a real pleasure to fuck, nothing is scripted, everything is real.
The only criticism we can make of the site is the low level of regular updates, but with time and the increasing popularity of the site, it is probable that the number of new videos added will increase to our great happiness.

Click to visit TrueAmateurs
Click to visit TrueAmateurs