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YouPornList is a selection of the best porn sites sorted by categories. Each sites has been selected after a long and rigorous analysis of our hand job experts.

The best porn sites & porn lists sorted by quality in 2022!

  1. Excellent interactivity
  2. Free access to many videos for registered users
  3. Access to other games for free
  1. Nothing


The One-stop Shop for an Amazing Porn Experience

If you have been around porn sites for so long, then you have probably tried everything - from classic porn videos, hentai films, short adult films, live cam sites, porn games, and even virtual reality porn. You probably already have specific websites you visit to get your fix of a particular porn experience. Whenever you want live sex cam, surely there is a website that comes to mind.

But what if we tell you that there is a website out there that can provide all of these porn experiences and more? What if we tell you that you don't need to jump from site to site just to get a specific porn fix you want at a particular moment? We introduce to you, a porn site that provides anything and everything you need to spice up your online porn experience anytime, anywhere.

Expectation vs. Reality

To give you a glimpse as to what they can offer you, Sex Emulator gives you access to a female 3D simulator at the homepage. As soon as you enter the site, her naked body will greet you. You can change her physical features and ethnicity to your liking at any given point.

At the left side of the page, you can see buttons that symbolize a specific sexual activity you want the simulator to do for you. You can make her spank herself, lick a lengthy sex toy, or play with her ass and tits. Once she becomes an expert on a specific sexual act, her abilities level up. Kind of like a SIMS game but the R-rated version.

After levelling up, Sex Emulator would require you to sign up to further play with the simulator. The site may require you to enter your credit card credentials for faster transactions in case you want to make any purchase on the site. Don't worry, the site is safe and secure. Sex Emulator values confidentiality and privacy among the members.

Aside from giving you the opportunity to build the sexy slut of your wet dreams, Sex Emulator also provides an avenue for you to see your dirtiest, nastiest sexual fantasies come to life! Control your simulator's movements and make her one of the horniest sex machine by continuously training her to do various sexual activities.

Once you enter the site, you will see the different goodies this porn website has to offer. It is now up to you to make the most out of your stay on the site.

Let the Porn Games Begin

Sex Emulator is still fairly new to the online porn industry. The site is originally an adult porn game site filled with hentai and 3D porn games that could satisfy every gamer-slash-porn-lover's heart. You have over 400 porn games to choose from, with more being added per day by the site members themselves.

Most of their games are R-rated parodies of famous games and films such as Dark Knight Rises and Grand Fuck Auto. However, you can still find original games like BDSM: Discipline and Hustle Town. Each game has its own charm and uniqueness in them that can make you addicted for days.

The highlight of their gaming service, however, is their hentai porn games. Sex Emulator curated the best and most popular hentai porn games you can find on the Internet today. They have over 150 games categorized under the hentai genre. This means that you have a lot to choose from if you want some hentai action before going to bed.

A Sexy Time-out

Eventually, Sex Emulator branched out and offered other services such as live cam sex and porn videos, making them a one-stop shop of porn services. You can see the selection of cam models you can chat and interact with at the top of the page. These horny sluts have too much time and appetite for some good ol' dirty fun, so don't be shy to message one you like and visit one of their private shows. If you're lucky, the cam model may even consent on doing the dirtiest, nastiest sexual fantasy you have always dreamed of right in front of you!

As mentioned earlier, Sex Emulator also has porn videos you can jerk off to while you take the time off playing their adult porn games. Their films range from amateur to hardcore porn genres, featuring horny women from different parts of the world. They have over 12 000 amateur porn videos, over 2 000 films featuring Asian women, and over 5 000 clips filled of creampies and cumshots. That's a lot of choices you can consider for a lifetime!

Aside from that, they also have full-length porn films, most of which have been ripped from DVDs and posted online. Choose what you want to watch from their wide range of XXX porn and HD porn videos and get up close with popular pornstars for hours and hours on end!

The All-New 3D Toon Genre

What makes Sex Emulator unique from other porn sites (aside from being an all-in type of porn site that is) is that they offer exclusive 3D porn videos uploaded at the 3D Toon section. In this genre, you get to see CGI versions of men, women, and other creatures stripping, fucking, sucking, and other sexual activities that no human being can do in real life. In 3D Toon, any sexual fantasy is possible. Do you wanna see trolls being given a blowjob by a horny blonde? Sex Emulator has a specific 3D toon film for you!


Sex Emulator is a porn website that would surely make your porn life easier by providing various porn experiences in one place. You don't have to visit so many sites in order to jerk yourself off with a cam model, watch the latest and most viral porn videos, and play hentai porn games. In this porn gaming site, you get to do all three. Get sucked into this rabbit hole that is Sex Emulator; we promise you won't regret it.

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Click to visit SexEmulator