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YouPornList is a selection of the best porn sites sorted by categories. Each sites has been selected after a long and rigorous analysis of our hand job experts.

The best porn sites & porn lists sorted by quality in 2023!

  1. Many good sites listed
  2. Many categories and niches
  3. Quality reviews
  4. Nice site
  1. Haircut from the 90s
  2. YouPornList is better :)


When you arrive on the site, you realize that Mr Porn Geek is not a amateur in porn, you just have to see his haircut to understand that this guy does not fuck and spends his time on porn sites to compensate his sexual frustration.
But since he was tired of wasting time looking for good porn sites, he made it his mission to make a list of the best websites and to write their reviews between 2 handjobs.

Hmm, this design looks familiar...

Oh, my God, the asshole copied my site! And better!!! He copied it so well he managed to release it two years before mine fucking shit!!!
Well, it's obvious that among all the "porn list" sites it's probably the best made, it's pretty nice, the blue theme is very pleasant for the eyes, has a dark theme for our night jerks and the overall design is really good.
Like almost all sites of this type, there is a search bar at the top for...our searches and below the list of all porn sites sorted by categories.
And of the categories there are a lot of them, more than 60, we have the classics like the list of the best porn tubes, the best show cam sites or the best Latina sites. We also have other categories a little less popular, but which are for some of them quite interesting like tranny if you like women who have big dicks or the vintage category to see old school porn and maybe even find a video of your mother being fucked by Ron Jeremy or the incest category which is practically positioned at the beginning on the site, I wouldn't be surprised if with his perverted face Mr. Porn Geek had incestuous fantasies. In all, there are more than 1000 sites proposed and the great majority of them are of good quality.

Give us your knowledge, Mr. Porn Geek

Having a big list of porn sites is good, but having reviews of these sites is better, because we know that, everyone reads the entire review before deciding whether or not to go to a site to jerk off.
Legend says that Mr Porn Geek spends his days writing reviews with one hand on the keyboard and the other on his dick. For almost all the sites listed on, we have a complete review of it where we have a complete description of the site, the content it proposes, the strong and negative points as well as all the information that it can be useful to know.
On the review pages we also have a capture of the site and a part of the list of other similar sites, we can comment on each site as well as give a rating from 1 to 5, we can even read the review in audio mode, which is useful if you are blind and looking for a good porn movie in HD.

Reviews and many other things...

I look at the menu and I see that in addition to writing reviews for us every day, there is a blog tab, the topics seem quite diversified, I look at a few pages and I come across THE ORIGINS OF THE BUKKAKE PORN NICHE, great! I've been looking for 15 years to find out the origins of bukkake, I've been looking at a few other articles, some of them talking about porn actices or one of their specific scenes, there are also a few tops like this one THE BEST MILF PORNSTARS TO WATCH IN 2019, it's always interesting to discover new pornstars so you can display your pornographic culture during a family dinner.

There is a tab Videos, with thousands of videos from show cams and a tab pornstars, with more than 600 porn stars listed, for each of them we have a description of their lives and evolution in the porn world as well as their physical description and the links from their different social networks.
The tab Porn Coupons, it's just a list of the best offers on paid sites that Mr Porn Geek is proposing you so that you click on his affiliate links and make him more rich.

You're good kid real good

With his website Mr Porn Geek proves one thing to us, it is that even if you are predestined to Die virgin, you can still succeed in doing great things.
It offers more than a thousand porn sites sorted into more than 60 categories with a complete and detailed review for each one and it's totally free.
If you want a good list of porn sites in addition to YouPornList, MrPornGeek should satisfy you, so don't hesitate to take a tour on his site!

Click to visit MrPornGeek
Click to visit MrPornGeek