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YouPornList is a selection of the best porn sites sorted by categories. Each sites has been selected after a long and rigorous analysis of our hand job experts.

The best porn sites & porn lists sorted by quality in 2023!

  1. Millions of galleries
  2. Huge community very active
  3. A lot of categories, very varied content
  4. Totally free
  5. Updates every minute
  1. Ugly design
  2. Limited sorting function, no sorting by view or popularity


ImageFap is one of the oldest image gallery and pornographic gifs sites on the web.
At the time when 56K modems were still used and streaming porn sites almost didn't exist, most people would jerk off to this kind of site, or try, because to display an image it took time, enough to lose your erection.

Pictures, pictures everywhere!

It's just huge, the site proposes one of the largest databases of pornographic images in the world, probably even the largest, there are more than tens of millions of them.
More than this, thousands of images are added daily by the very active community. The images are divided into galleries and there is something for everyone, the amateur category which is the most provided contains more than 2 800 000 galleries, if you want to jerk off to fat women, the BBW category contains more than 240 000 galleries, you want big boobs? The Big Tits category contains more than 720,000 galleries. And for each of these galleries we have several dozen or even sometimes hundreds of images in them.

You can really find everything

The site is totally oriented on its community, which is what makes it so popular, that's why you'll find a lot of galleries containing erotic/porn amateur shoots photos. For example, you will find many couples taking pictures of their relationships or men who feel like professional photographers and take their wives naked, imagine Robert, 58 years old with his Canon camera taking pictures of his wife Samantha naked on the bed, "Oh yes, go ahead my baby, open your big ass so I take a picture of him".

We also have less popular categories like the Bukkake for those who want to see women covered with sperm which still contains 27,000 galleries, for animation fans there are the Cartoon and Anime categories which contain the same thing (I don't really know why) with over 240,000 galleries, you will find everything inside, porn comics, hentai, I entered "Disney" in the search bar to see what we had, I found hundreds of galleries where we see Disney princesses eating each other's pussy or seeing Alladin putting his big dick in Jasmine's ass, well, it's not the porn I like, but it must make people get hard if it exists.

Of course, the site is an image gallery, we also have the right to gifs, there are a lot of them, there is less amateur content in them, the galleries are often compilations on a very specific category, for example you will find hundreds of galleries filled with Creampie gifs, or interracial, or on big tits that move in all directions during the fucking, or on anal scenes with perfectly cut gifs that we could watch in loop during a 15 minutes so much they are hypnotizing, perso I love this category, just to find a good gallery and it's off to the handjob!

There are videos too!

The first objective of the site is to be the largest image gallery porn, we can imagine that with a name like ImageFap, but they also propose videos. At the moment there are about 130,000 of them, not so bad, but there is no way to filter the videos by category or to search.
If you want to watch porn videos, there are many sites much better than Image Fap, like TNAFlix or Empflix which are both part of the same Network with ImageFap, on them you can find millions of videos from practically all the existing categories.

An huuuge community

The good functioning of the site depends on its community, more it is active, more content is added, more people are attracted to the site and I can guarantee you that it attracts a lot of people to this site.
There are millions of shared personal galleries on the site and every day thousands of amateur photos are added.
If you create an account you will be able to access clubs, it is groups that share private galleries that on a specific category for example in the club "homemade babes" we have more than 500 000 galleries and 26 000 members who only share photos of young women, girlfriends, women, we also have clubs that share the gifs of the best cumshot, another with pictures of sisters... What? No, it's not really their sisters, I think, it's just guys sharing pictures of bitches and pretending it's their sister, well, whether it's true or not, it's really weird to be excited about it.

The site also has a forum but it is not very active, most of the messages posted are guys who ask to add galleries on a specific category or suggestions for adding to the site.

As for moderation/filtering of illegal content, the site does a good job globally, as for many sites you can report any illegal content and if you do an illegal search, the site will display a message saying that what you have been looking for is prohibited and that they will record your IP and potentially send it to the authorities.

Back to the past

Well ok the images make me hard as steel, but the site it burns his eyes.
The first time I went to this site it must have been about 10 years ago, it was almost identical to today and I understand the developers, why would they spend their time redesigning the site when they're so successful? The regular visitors don't care if it's beautiful or ugly, the same for new arrivals, just look at the huge content for a few seconds to realize that this site is awesome.

The site is intuitive, easy to use and fast, I looked at hundreds of images, they all opened almost instantly, there may be galleries of gifs that will take a little time to load for those who do not have fiber optics.

When you arrive on the home page you see the profiles of the most popular members of the day, at the top the search bar and on the left side the list of the main niches (categories) of the site.

When you go to a niche, you find the last galleries posted, however the sorting system is not great, you can sort by size, period, number of images in the gallery or even by quality, but you can't sort by number of views.
A voting option would also have been nice to be able to show the most popular galleries.

The mobile version is very similar to the PC version, it loads quickly, galleries and images are also displayed almost instantly.

The site contains of course some ads, but there are so few that it doesn't affect navigation, we have one or two small banners that appear at the top and on the side and a notification ad, nothing more, no pop-ups that piss off, it's really a good thing, I didn't even have to reactivate my ad blocker on their site.


ImageFap is one of the best porn galleries on the web the site proposes millions of images and gifs divided into niches and has a very active community that adds thousands of photos every day.
Even if the site is not very beautiful and the sorting functions still need to be improved, just click on a random niche to ignore it, I'm serious, if you click on "animated gifs porn" for exemple, I'm pretty sure you'll take out your dick or drop your panties to jerk off.
In more than that the site is totally free, all the content is accessible without having to pay a single cent, what more could you ask for?what more could you ask for?

Click to visit ImageFap
Click to visit ImageFap