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YouPornList is a selection of the best porn sites sorted by categories. Each sites has been selected after a long and rigorous analysis of our hand job experts.

The best porn sites & porn lists sorted by quality in 2023!

  1. Huge content
  2. Varied content, censored, uncensored, amateur...
  3. Free downloads
  4. Good design and fast website
  5. Good mobile site
  1. Too many ads
  2. Pirate content

HpJav is one of the biggest JAV (Japanese Adult Video) porn sites and I will admit that even if I only recently know it, it is already one of my favorite JAV sites, just look at the number of its videos and their quality, to understand why it is one of the best and most popular in his genre.

First overview of the site

When you come on a site, you get an opinion from the first ones and that's when you see that the developers at have done a good job.
The site is relatively pretty even if it looks like many other porn sites, on the home page we find first 6 miniatures of the featured videos, followed by 8 thumbnails of the last censored videos added on the sites, then 8 thumbnails of the last uncensored videos and finally the same thing but with the last JAV amateur videos added, by looking closer it is not really real amateur porn but rather videos of the first scenes of new Asian actresses.

Many, many videos...

HpJAV is very strong, the site offers almost 100,000 videos and it's not just a single clip or scenes cut by 2-3 minutes, here we have almost only complete videos, I've watched a lot of them and they do for a large part about 2 hours, if you plan to watch all the videos on the site, it will take you at least twenty years.

Like any good JAV site, we find the famous censored and uncensored porn categories.
For the first, the category censored, the site proposes more than 46 000 videos, so if you are not embarrassed by a lot of pixels instead of the actors' sex, you have enough to do.
The category uncensored, offers more than 17 000 videos, it's less than the first category, but it's still huge. Personally, it's the best of both for me, when I watch a porn movie, it's to see everything, when we've been watching a slut sucking on a guy for 10 minutes while he's groping his big tits, the only thing we're waiting for is the moment when we're going to see the bitch get her big dick in the pussy and fucking, I don't want anyone to ruin my pleasure by blurring the scene!
Well, I just talked about big dick in my example, we agree that I wasn't talking about Japanese actors, right... also offers a large number of videos amateurs, more than 10 000 at this time, but good when we go to the amateur tab, we do not find a real amateur or we see a couple fuck in their homes, but videos of Japanese beginner actresses.
Most of them are amateur videos, where you see a porn actress participating in her first X shoot. The scenes contain only 2 people, the actress and the guy who films and who will fuck her well.
Even if it's not really amateur porn, the videos are pretty good, although they're very hot, they're often still beginners in porn and quite shy in front of the camera and offers us really good fucking videos, on top of that they're almost all really pretty.

The fourth main category is the category Chinese Sub which includes more than 19,000 videos, so it is not Chinese porn videos, but JAV videos subtitled in Chinese.
Considering the number of videos you have to believe that there are a lot of Chinese people who like to watch JAV videos with subtitles, it is true that it is essential to understand the scenario of a porn, in any case it is necessary to thank the considerable effort of the translators who have spent and continue to spend hundreds of hours in front of a porn cock in one hand and the other on the keyboard to write the subtitles.

To refine your choices, the site proposes a category tab divided into two parts, the first part which is called See All Categories is really badly named because it does not show us the list of all the categories, but all the porn studios that produced the videos.
It includes the main JAV production studios such as Tokyo Hot, FC2PPV, ShiroutoTV, NanpaTV, K.M.Produce and many others...
And one thing you can say is that they suck at finding a good studio name!
Afterwards, some studios contain a large number of videos available on the site, some offer several thousand videos accessible for free.
The second part of the category tab is called Tags and already more interesting than the first, we find there as its name indicates, all the tags present on the site, among the most popular we have Solowork with more than 31 000 videos, Creampie if you are a fan of internal ejaculation contains almost 30 000 videos, Big Tits contains more than 23,000 videos, which makes a bunch of big tits pairs, we also have the category Married Woman which is a very popular category in Japan and offers more than 17,000 videos. also offers a large number of less popular niche videos such as Voyeur where you see beautiful Japanese women getting fucked without their knowledge, well on the other hand, it's scripted, most of the videos come from big porn studios, women are almost all actresses who pretend not to know they're being shot, but despite that, it's still very exciting. For those who like to see women being dominated, tied up and enjoying being humiliated, the category SM contains more than 1,000 videos and if you have always dreamed of fucking your housemaid, but you are too poor to have one, the category Maid and his 660 videos will save your life.

Let's talk in more detail about the site itself

Well I already talked briefly about the site when describing the home page, but there are many other things to say, already the tabs, there are 7 important ones, the others are just links redirecting to partner sites of show cam or JAV porn paying like JavHD.
The first tab Hot displays you the list of the most popular videos of the moment, we can filter the results by day, week and month, it is for me one of the most interesting tabs of the site since it allows us to quickly find the most recently viewed videos.
The next four tabs are Censored, Uncensored, Amateur and Chinese Sub, I already mentioned them earlier, they are just links that redirect to these categories.

The tab Models lists all the actresses/amateurs of the site.
Among the most popular we have Hatano Yui with more than 880 videos, yes 880! So I might as well tell you that she took more dicks than you practically jerked off. It is followed by Hamasaki Mao, Shinoda Yuu, Sasaki Aki, Mizuno Asahi, Aoi Rena...
You have the choice between more than 3 200 Asian actresses and I must admit that it doesn't help you to choose, they are all very beautiful, if I were offered to fuck only one of them, I think I would be unable to choose only one.
You can filter the profiles according to the most relevant, most viewed and in alphabetical order.
When you click on a model's profile, you come to a page that displays first a vignette of its most popular video, as well as all its videos below, which can also be filtered by the date added, the name and the number of views.
On the other hand, if you are a biography enthusiast and like to have all the information about your favorite JAV actresses, you will be disappointed because there is no one.
HpJav doesn't lose its time giving tons of often useless information, when you look for a porn actress on their site, they give you what everyone is looking for, their videos and nothing else!
Finally, the last tab and the one of the categories I mentioned earlier.

The videos are like all porn sites presented in the form of thumbnails, which visually are very good, some display a picture of the actress in the video and for the most part they look like a DVD case, they have almost all the same layout, on the right side we have a picture of the main actress and the other side that matches the reverse of the box we have a dozen pictures almost superposed on one another of the different scenes with Japanese comments almost everywhere.
Personally, I like this kind of images, it allows you to get a preview of the video, even if the thumbnail is not very big, but they could have added a preview function that activates an clip of the video when you fly over the miniature with the mouse.

When you click on a thumbnail of a video, you are redirected to a page containing the video player, fortunately, it is still to watch JAV porn videos that you are there.
The player is relatively good, to launch the video you have to click on "skip ad" to close the ad, and click again on the play button to launch it while closing the fucking pop-ups that open, but I'll come back to that later on the ads.
The quality is very good, we are on 720p and 1080p for almost all videos. hosts its videos on several different servers, that's why underneath the player you will see "VS server", "VO server", "AC server"... If the video has been deleted from a server, or if it is too slow at home, just switch to the next one.
I tested all the players and they all work very well, as soon as I click on play the video starts instantly, there are just some that offer more features than others, like choosing the resolution or putting the video in slow motion.

One excellent thing about Hp Jav is that if the video is in several parts the site displays the different sections below the player.

And there is also another feature that I really like, it's the possibility to be able to download all the videos from the site.
As for the video player, the site offers several links to download its videos as VeryStream,, RapidGator, Vidoza... Depending on the platform the download goes more or less fast, I tried one on VeryStream, my download was relatively fast with 4Mb/s.
In addition to that for some videos, we can choose to download them in normal quality or HD, it's perfect if you want to make a private collection of JAV porn in 1080p.

Still on the same page, you will find some information about the video, in addition to the title you have the categories related to it, the tags, as well as the actress(s) present, followed by a list of videos that may please you.

Last but not least, the site is multilingual, Hp Jav proposes 3 languages for its site, to choose the language, just click on the flag in the upper right corner. Of course, we have Japanese, English and Mandarin, symbolized by a Taiwanese flag, to believe that they do not like the Chinese.
When you choose a language, the site is fully translated, the menus, tabs, tags, but also the names of the videos, ALL is translated.

As for the mobile version of the site, it works as well as the PC version, it is simple and complete, fast and works without bugs.

Advertisements everywhere, again...

Like all porn sites, HpJav and invaded by ads, there are banners everywhere, on top of that, there are ads embedded with content that make you think it's videos from the site, fortunately the image has nothing to do with JAV, when I see a 50-year-old white mature woman on the site, I quickly suspect that it's a stupid ad.
We also have the notification ads that appear in a corner of the page and also the one in the middle of the video player, but the worst are these fucking pop-ups!
We click on a video, a pop-up, we want to launch the video, a pop-up again, sometimes even several, after a while it really sucks, fortunately I have a good ad blocker.

It's time to conclude Sensei!

Well, let's not lie to each other, HP JAV is a good fucking JAV site!
The site gives free access to a huge amount of complete Japanese porn videos in HD or even Full HD, all of which are downloadable.
It proposes a large number of uncensored videos, a varied content, whether you are looking for cuckold porn, Japanese women in uniform, massages, POV... You are sure to find thousands of videos corresponding to your desires, besides that the site is relatively nice and fast.
However, despite the tons of content HP JAV offers and the many features, the site is also full of ads that will make you lose a little time when you jerk off to the videos on the site, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the best JAV sites in the world.

Click to visit HpJav
Click to visit HpJav