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YouPornList is a selection of the best porn sites sorted by categories. Each sites has been selected after a long and rigorous analysis of our hand job experts.

The best porn sites & porn lists sorted by quality in 2022!

  1. Many sites
  2. About 60 categories
  3. Simple and efficient design
  4. Mobile version
  1. No search bar
  2. Could be prettier


It's not easy to find a good porn site especially when you're looking for a specific niche, when you write what you want on a search engine, you often find the same porn sites or completely shitty sites that make you lose time.
Fortunately, Five Star Porn Sites is here to help us find the best porn sites on the web.

Sites, sites everywhere!

When you come to Fivestarpornsites, you will quickly realize that you really have a choice, it proposes more than 1,000 sites, divided into about 60 categories.
We find in first a global category "Best Porn Sites" which, as its name indicates, includes the most popular sites offered by Five Star Porn Sites, inside, we find any type of porn sites like porn tubes, sex chat sites, porn galleries, adult torrent downloads...

Of course, we have categories specific to a type of site, for the most popular, we have the best cam sites, the best porn movie sites, the best premium sites where you can find the best paid porn sites, or the list of the best erotic story sites if you like jerking off on very hot stories.
We also have sites that correspond to a specific porn category, such as the VR porn category which contains about twenty porn sites in virtual reality, or the amateur porn category if you like homemade porn, or the hentai and cartoons category for all those who like to jerk off on animated cartoons.

We also have a large number of categories that contain the best paid sites in this area, such as the best interracial premium sites or the best lesbian premium porn sites, so you have to pay to enjoy the content, but for some sites it can be worth it.
Five Star also offers a list of over 180 SubReddits, on the most popular porn categories, such as anal, asian, BDSM, curvy, ebony, pussy, and many others.
In addition to offering a large number of sites, 5 Stars Porn Sites is regularly updated.

A simple and effective site, but it could be better

It only takes 5 seconds when you arrive on the site to understand what kind of site it is and how it works, the site has a very simple, minimalist design with a fairly complete content.

On the home page, we have the title, a brief description of the site and below the list of all the sites sorted by category, nothing more!

Why lose time making tons of pages to present each of the porn sites, when we know very well that 99% of the people coming to the site will not read them, would be stupid to do that!
After that, for the remaining 1%, it is true that it is a bit unfortunate that we do not have a dedicated page for each of the 1,000 sites, where we would have an overview of it and a description.

For those who go to the site with their smartphone, Five Stars Porn Sites offers a mobile version that works well.

On the other hand, the site does not offer a search bar, it does not help to find a site quickly and forces us to search the list directly.

And as for the ads, rest assured, there is only one banner at the top and bottom of the site, nothing else, no stupid pop-up that opens as soon as you click on a link.

A good porn list site

Five Star Porn Sites is a good porn list site, it contains a large number of sites, in many categories, with, as its name suggests, 5-star quality sites, and this for free.
On the other hand we would have liked to have a search bar and also that visually the site is a little prettier, but if you don't care about that and you're just looking for good porn sites, 5 Stars Porn Sites, will suit you very well.

Click to visit FiveStarPornSites
Click to visit FiveStarPornSites