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YouPornList is a selection of the best porn sites sorted by categories. Each sites has been selected after a long and rigorous analysis of our hand job experts.

The best porn sites & porn lists sorted by quality in 2022!

  1. Huge content
  2. Videos in HD, VR 60FPS
  3. Free
  4. Downloadable videos
  5. Nice site and complete features
  1. Too many ads
  2. Video title not translated
  3. No community functionality (Forum, comments under videos...)


Personally, I've always preferred occidental porn, but sometimes I like to watch a good asian porn and currently I often go to, which is specialized in this domain, it's

Well the name is a little strange by the way many people write Javgle or Avgel when they search the site on search engines. In my opinion, the first two letters of the site "av" are the abbreviation of Adult Video in relation to JAV which means Japanese Adult Video and the last three letters "gle" correspond to the last letters of Google, which would mean that the guys from Avgle consider their site as the Google of Asian porn, just that! That's what we're going to see.

Tons and tons of videos

More than 150,000 videos at this time!
It's just huge, it represents tens of thousands of hours of viewing, just with the content of this site, you're quiet for the rest of your life, even if you were centenarian.
In addition to that it should be specified that we have very few short videos that make 2 to 5 minutes as on the big porn tubes like Xvideos or Xhamster, Avgle offers almost only complete scenes/movies that make for the majority between 1h and 1h30, we also have a good number that exceed 2 hours and the longest video in all made 24h ! Yes 24 fucking hours, you need a whole day to watch it, the Japanese may not have big dicks, but when it comes to working overtime, they fuck everyone!

With such a large number of videos, it is normal to expect a fairly diversified content, as on all JAV sites there are mostly censored videos, but also more than 10 000 videos uncensored, the category JAV contains more than 55,000 videos, we also have the categories that are often found on Asian porn sites like Cosplay, Schoolgirl, Idol or SM and each time it's heavy, take this video featuring a pretty hot Japanese woman who takes great pleasure in being tortured by various sexual objects, where her master fucks her by previously tying her hands behind her back to finally tie her on a table and hard fuck with another guy.

Even if Avgle is clearly a JAV porn site, there are also a lot of videos from other Asian countries like China, Korea, Hong Kong ("it's not a country, you ignorant bastard!") and also Taiwan.
We also have the category Western, so it has nothing to do with the Cowboys period, it's just occidental porn, but we see immediately the difference with JAV porn in terms of duration, we have many short videos, with a few minutes extract, despite that the quality is quite good.
And for those who love animated porn, the site offers more than 10,000 videos from Hentai and also some 3D animation videos.

As for the quality of the videos, the site offers a lot of HD videos, we must be about half of the videos in 720p, for the other half we are on 360p and 480p, as a porn expert, I watched a lot of videos on the site to evaluate the quality and overall it's pretty good, even for non-HD videos, there are just some amateur videos that have a shitty viewing quality.

And the translation of the titles?

However, one thing I really didn't like is the titles of the videos that are not translated.
Almost all the videos have a title that contains Japanese, Chinese and maybe even other countries because personally I can't differentiate them.
They could have made the effort to translate the titles with an automatic translator like many porn sites do, because it is almost impossible to retrieve a video or to know the name of the actress who is being fucked.
Fortunately, on PC, all you have to do is right-click and click on "translate to English", well sometimes you end up with really rough, even funny translations, but it's always better than incomprehensible characters.

Let's talk about the site now

Visually the site is correct, not beautiful and not ugly, we have a very traditional design.
On the home page we find first 6 videos being watched by other users, followed by about thirty tags written in... Japanese, so unless you're from Japan, it won't help you.
Below, we find the featured videos, these are the latest trend videos, we find the best videos of videos recently added.
Finally, we have the most recent videos.
A nice thing, when you hover the mouse over a thumbnail, a video clip is automatically launched, it allows us to have a preview of the video and saves us time to open several that we are not interested in.

The tab videos redirects us to a page that lists all the videos, it is for me the most useful page of the site to find good videos.
On this page, you can filter if you want to see the public or private videos, the period of adding the videos, to show either those added today, this week, this month or from the beginning.
And finally to filter if we want to see the videos that are currently being viewed by other users, the most recent, the most viewed, the best rated, the most added to favorites and finally the most commented, but for this one, I do not understand that we can not comment the videos, in my opinion this is a feature they had to remove, remains to see if they add this function one day.

The second useful tab is the VR tab, which offers about 1,000 very good quality virtual reality videos, they are all in HD and the latest ones are almost all shot in 60FPS, so if you want to have the impression of really fucking Japanese women, you just have to buy a VR headset.

The other tabs don't really have any interest, they just redirect to other show cam or paid porn sites, except the categories tab which lists the 24 categories of the site.

The site offers us the possibility to register for free, but it doesn't really matter if you come to Avgle occasionally, except to bookmark his videos, to create a playlist or become friends with another member of the site or to subscribe to a member to follow his latest added videos.
However, if you are a regular visitor to the site and you want to post videos, it becomes interesting to register.
After that there is no community on the site, there is no forum, no chat group, and we can't comment on the videos.

The site offers many useful features, the first is to be able to download all the videos, with often 2 ways to do it, be in direct download which often bugs for me, the download is not launched and the other way is to download in torrent.
The menu of the site is multilingual not like these fucking titles written in Japanese, you have the choice between twenty languages including English, French, German, Chinese...

The video player of the site works quite well, when you click to launch a video, it starts within 3 seconds after the mouse click, I sometimes got blocked when loading the video, I have the impression that it happens on the longest videos. We can't choose the resolution of the video it's a bit too bad, it's always convenient to be able to put the max resolution when you have a good connection or to put a lower resolution like 360p when you have a poor bandwidth, but we can choose the speed of the video, which is useless, you know some guys who watch their porn in 0.5x or in 2x?

Concerning the mobile version it works correctly, its only defect is the too many ads.

Nani?!? What's with all the ads?

I don't think I've ever seen so many ads on a site, I almost had a heart attack when I disabled my ad blocker.
They put banners everywhere, just on the home page, there must be more than 15, added a notification ad in the left corner of the site.
On the pages where we watch the videos, it's the same thing, but with an ad in front of the video and when we want to close it there are 2 pop-ups that open.
But despite this, it shouldn't scare away visitors, the site is ranked among the 1,000 most visited in the world, it is visited several tens of millions of times by month and I suspect that a large part of the people who go to this site do not have an ad blocker, at least mine, I didn't leave it disabled on their site for long.

A great site, but...

Well it must be said, is a great porn site JAV, they propose more than 150 000 complete videos, in HD, offers a large number of very good VR videos and most importantly, it's totally free.
On the other hand, when we are offered quality service for free, you have to expect to see advertising and there are tons of ads, Avgle is clearly an invitation to use an ad blocker.
Then, overall the design of the site is pretty good, although visually, the site is totally ordinary, the navigation is done without any problem, the site is pretty fast, offers to download videos, we have a extract of videos that starts to fly over a miniature and the player works quite well. And although there is no community system on the site, members are particularly active in updating content by uploading new videos.
Avgle could very well one day become the best Asian porn site if they take the effort to reduce the number of ads and add community features, but one thing is certain, they are already one of the best sites when you see the huge content they are proposing.

Click to visit Avgle
Click to visit Avgle